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We live in a new world of bigger disasters and tenacious resistance that can’t be check-listed out of the way or plopped on a conveyor belt.  We need some new language, new thinking, new action, and a new approach. One that works better, faster, easier than the “tried and true” that’s more tried than true. We need an Intentional Epidemic.


Larry McEvoy is an emergency physician, former health care CEO, entrepreneur, and thought leader.  Borrowing heavily from his Montana upbringing and medical training, Larry taps biology as a unique leadership operating system to help leaders and future-makers address stubborn challenges, distressed circumstances, and wild opportunities.

Larry grew up in the Elkhorn mountains of southwest Montana, graduated with a degree in English Writing from Carroll College, and attended medical school at Stanford University.  He completed a residency in emergency medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in 1995.  He went on to hold roles as a department chair, physician executive, and CEO across two complex healthcare organizations—Billings Clinic, the largest employer in Montana, and Memorial Health System, then the largest trauma center in Colorado.  Increasingly interested in the dynamics that deepen individual and collective health rather than the back-end attempts to salvage it once it’s gone, he left conventional health care roles in 2012 to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

He co-founded, a social platform for mobilizing clinicians around the skills of excellent health care, and Sena Health, a support service for hospitalizing people in the healing comfort of their own homes.  He founded Epidemic Leadership to introduce leaders and innovators to the phenomenal practical power of biology.

Larry has been an executive-in-residence at the Center for Creative Leadership, and he is on the faculty of the American Association for Physician Leaders, The Governance Institute, iProtean, and The Leadership Development Group.  He has presented widely to governance forums, CEO roundtables, and membership organizations.  His book, Epidemic Leadership: How to Lead Infectiously in the Era of Big Problems, was published by Wiley Publishing in August 2021.

The common thread running through his varied roles is repeated experience in ambiguous messes. Whether it was the floundering emergency department of his early career, the at-risk health system he inherited as a CEO, the broken bodies and lives he cared for as a clinician, a struggling school in an impoverished Ugandan community, or the degraded land his family bought a generation ago, he has seen the disease, damage, dysfunction, and duress that mark so many of our current professional, business, and civic challenges.

The upside of learning and leading in all those stressed circumstances is a unique body of experience, knowledge, and technique in renewing environments of creeping distrust, degraded function, and dispirited dynamics. With tested experience in high-stakes scenarios, his skill in tackling complex challenges creates widespread regeneration that sticks, spreads, and counts.

Larry now spends his time and energy speaking, facilitating, and advising individuals, companies, and institutions on how to scale performance, learning, and vitality.  He enjoys convening post-conventional thinkers during energizing workshops at Cove Canyon Grasslands in South Central Montana, where the resurgence of a once-degraded ecosystem anchors his insights on ethical innovation and stewardship.

Very much the doctor still obsessed with health and healing and very much the executive leader relentlessly focused on the power and impact of the many, his mission is to deepen the vigor, resilience, and sustainability of leaders, the people they lead, and the organizations they create.

The health of land and people remains his guiding goal and source.

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Hear what people have to say about creating Intentional Epidemics through their work with Larry McEvoy.

“Larry mixes a strong dose of reality with wit, charm, and humor to allow his audience to step into a new reality of leading.”

Tracy Duberman
Founder & President, The Leadership Development Group




“Larry has the unique ability to bring people together and inspire them to think big and not limit themselves or the impact they can have on others.”

Carm Moceri
Principal, Healthcare Alignment Solutions




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